Murder. Betrayal. Aluminum.

In Wasted, Berkeley reporter Brian Hunter investigates the “recycling wars,” finds the body of his friend Doug crushed in an aluminum bale, and hunts down the murderer, all the while trying to win the heart of Barb, Doug’s former lover, who is now a suspect in his murder.

Recycling, once a gangly wide-eyed youth, all arms and legs, has grown up and now faces those pesky problems that come with adulthood, like making money. And the big garbage companies that once sneered at recycling now want to take over. But as Brian pitches his editor, “it’s not just about bottles and cans, it’s about transition—from garbage to recycling, from the idealism of youth to the pragmatism of midlife. I’ve got strong career woman Barb Genessee, now working for the big multinational, squaring off against embittered former lover Doug Spaulding, working for the rabble-rousing do-gooders at Recycle Berkeley (Re-Be). One power struggle mirrors another, the personal is political and all that. At stake, a million-dollar-a-year contract, the city council majority, and according to Doug, the soul of Berkeley. Add sex and stir.”

Stir he does. And that’s before he discovers Doug’s body in the Re-Be yard, flies buzzing around a bale with a shoelace dangling.

Part mystery, part love triangle, part coming of age story (a few decades late), and part political satire, Wasted asks the age-old question: How do I act with truth and integrity and still get laid?

Wasted will be available on Amazon and Smashwords in September.

Read the first three chapters here.

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